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 Our favorite way to brew is pour-over or drip. Drip coffee is uniquely American; we think it’s the best way to get the most flavor out of our coffee. Grind the coffee just before you plan to use it for best flavor. There are volatile compounds that go away quickly after grinding that you want to capture in your cup. The grind should be fine enough to clump together when pressed between your fingers. We suggest that you use fresh filtered water in a good drip coffee maker that heats the water to 195˚.

The ideal ratio for a pour-over or drip coffee is 25 grams of coffee for every 300ml water or 1 oz. of coffee to 10 oz. of water.



Although most people consider pulling an espresso shot an art, we prefer to demystify it a bit.

Equipment needed:

a quality espresso machine

a quality espresso grinder




Start with a dry portafilter(the part that has the perforated cup for the grounds).  Start the machine without the portafilter attached and let water flow for 4 second.  This heats the head if it needs it and flushes any spent grinds.  Grind the coffee, it should be slightly finer than granulated sugar.  Wipe out the portafilter with a dry towel. Measure in 19 grams of coffee.  Use the tamper to put even pressure on the grounds so that they are completely even and flat.  Place the portafilter back on the machine and immediately start it.  If your machine has a double button use it.  If you are starting and stopping the shot yourself try for a 26 second shot.  If the shot took 25-26 seconds and the resulting shot weighs 27.5 grams you should have a perfect espresso shot.  If it weighs less your grinds are too fine, if it weighs more your grinds were too coarse.  Enjoy!!



 1. Use the finest even grind coffee you can, but coarse enough to avoid having the grind pass through the filter. I use a grind just a few notches coarser than filter drip, and nowhere near as coarse as for multipurpose or perc grind. The key to avoiding sediment is in the evenness of the grind, and a burr grinder will give you this.

2. Pull the lid and plunger out of the glass beaker. We recommend about 3.5 scoops (25.8 grams) for a 16 oz press or about 7 scoops (51.7 grams) for a 32 oz. press.

3. Pour the correct amount of filtered 195 to 202ºF water into the press, slowly at first to avoid creating a dry island of coffee grounds. Allow the coffee to float to the surface. Don’t overfill the press. The water/coffee needs to be just at, or a little below the bottom of the beaker spout.

4. Pick up the plunger by the knob so that the lid is down against the screen. Place it lightly on top of the press so that it keeps the heat in, but does not start to push down on the coffee at all. Leave it for 1 minute.

5. After 1 minute either remove the lid and briefly stir the coffee with a spoon, or carefully swirl the press in a circular motion to agitate the brew and make the grinds sink. If you removed the top, replace it.

6. After a total infusion time of 4 to 6 minutes, begin to plunge. Hold the lid in place with one hand, and carefully start to push on the knob at the top to force the plunger screen downward, pushing the grinds with it to the bottom. Take care right at first, because it is easy to have the filter disc in crooked and allow a flurry of grounds to escape around it. If disaster strikes, don’t worry. Just pull out the plunger and lid completely, rinse quickly in hot water, and start over right away.

7. Push steadily and the plunger should reach the bottom in 20-30 seconds or less. There will be some resistance. Pour, serve, don’t save it! Coffee is best right away, within the first 10 minutes. Don’t try to keep it hot, just make more fresh coffee if you need it. Enjoy!



Iced coffee is delicious any time of year, but is especially nice in the summer!

If you want to brew your own you need either a home Toddy maker or a nonreactive vessel that will hold at least a gallon of water.

Start with 1 pound of very coarsely ground coffee.  We prefer a Chicory Blend Coffee for natural sweetness and viscosity, but regular coffee works just as well.  Put about a quart of water into the vessel of choice and then dump the coffee on top.  Make sure that all of the coffee is wet and then add 3 more quarts of water.  Cover the mixture and place in the refrigerator for 16-18 hours.  If you are using a Toddy you can now remove the cork and let it drain for 30 minutes.  If you are using any other vessel you can now pour the mixture through a bowl sieve and then pour it through cheese cloth.  You will be left with a delicious coffee concentrate that will last up to a month refrigerated.  Here are a few recipes we like.

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